NRHA Regional Clinics

FROM NRHA MEDIA | The NRHA Regional Clinics provide reiners with a unique opportunity to work with many NRHA Professionals and polish their reining skills. It’s a program that benefits members of the National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA), as well as reiners of any age who want to learn from the best trainers in the business.

The clinics are designed to help riders of all ages who are interested in learning more about Reining and NRHA. From beginners to accomplished riders, there is something for everyone to benefit from within each clinic. The one-on-one training that participants receive is tailored to each individual’s needs. Each clinic consists of two one-day clinics giving participants the opportunity to attend either or both days of the clinic as they prefer.

Participants learn by doing and also by watching other reiners during the hands-on sessions. “The amount of advice and knowledge that’s passed along is phenomenal. I’ll learn more here in one afternoon than I would in a week with a book or a video,” said Rick Finkler, 2008 NRHA Regional Clinic participant. Ashley Bosack, commented, “I love learning new things and having different trainers teach you. It’s been really fun.”

Proceeds benefit the NRHyA and Hosting Affiliate
$450 for both days and $250 per day for adults $250 for both days and $150 per day for youth $25 per day to audit

2013 Regional Clinics:

Indiana Reining Horse Association
C Bar C Arena, Cloverdale, IN
March 2-3
Shawn and Mike Flarida, Robin Schoeller
Rookie Day March 1

Southwest Reining Horse Association
Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses, Aubrey, TX
May 25
Tom McCutcheon & Duane Latimer

Central New York Reining Horse Association
Cazenovia, New York
April 13
Rocky Dare

Eastern Colorado Reining Horse Association
Elbert, CO
June 1-2
Shane Brown & Casey Deary

Nevada Reining Horse Association
Las Vegas, NV
May 25-26
Todd Bergen & Troy Heikes

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